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  2. Event Calendar

    Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 MonthWeekDayView as ListPrint View PreviousNext March 2021 SunSunday MonMonday TueTuesday WedWednesday ThuThursday FriFriday SatSa… Read more »

  3. Natural Disasters & Emergency Preparations

    The County of Hawai‘i is subject to a wide variety of natural disasters including hurricanes, flash flooding, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, wildfires, epidemics and etc.  Due to approaching or immediate natural disasters or other emergencies some or… Read more »

  4. Solid Waste Laws & Rules, Plans, Operational Information & Forms

    Regulatory Hawai‘i County Code Chapter 20 – Refuse County of Hawai‘i Department of Environmental Management Administrative Rules (effective 2020-12-14) County of Hawai‘i Polystyrene Foam Food Container & Food Service Ware Reduction Ordinance No. 17… Read more »

  5. Terms of Use

    External Links Clicking on the external links (links to pages not on provided on this site means that you will be leaving the domain and entering an external link. These links provide additional information that… Read more »

  6. Polystyrene Foam Food Container & Food Service Ware Reduction Ordinance – County of Hawai‘i

    The primary purpose of the ordinance is to prohibit food vendors from providing food in disposable food service containers that are made from expanded polystyrene foam (often incorrectly called “Styrofoam™”). The secondary purpose of the ordinan… Read more »

  7. County of Hawai‘i Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance

    The purpose of the ordinance is to reduce or eliminate single use plastic carryout bags. The law became effective January 17, 2013. Reasons for the law Plastic bags can entangle or choke fish, turtles, birds and other animals that mistake the plastic f… Read more »

  8. Reduce

    “Ho‘ēmi” Use wiser. Use longer. Waste prevention, by reducing the quantity of materials we consume and discard, is one of the best ways to achieve our Zero Waste goal. This doesn’t mean giving up modern conveniences, but being wiser about what we purch… Read more »

  9. Computers, Electronics & Printer Cartridges

    Although these products may not be dangerous to use, most of them contain poisonous ‘heavy metals’ such as lead, mercury and cadmium that can pollute groundwater near landfills. Up to 80% of electronics can be recycled, so let’s not take risks with the… Read more »

  10. Illegal Dumping

    State of Hawai‘i’s Trash Free Hawai‘i Campaign “Anything that goes into our storm drain system goes directly into the ocean untreated, negatively affecting the water quality and marine life. Join The State of Hawai‘i Department of Transportation, Highw… Read more »

  11. Recycling Publications

    General Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance – Frequently Asked Questions EVENT RECYCLING CONTAINER RESERVATION FORM (PDF) Greenwaste Recycling & Mulch Information (PDF, update coming soon) West Hawai‘i Green Waste Diversion Program Frequently Asked Que… Read more »

  12. Website Privacy Policy

    Website Privacy Policy Thank you for visiting the County of Hawai‘i’s Department of Environmental Management’s web site. This web site is provided as a public service. You can visit our home site without telling us who you are or revealing any personal… Read more »

  13. Reuse

    “Ho‘ohana hou” One of the best ways to live zero waste is to reuse. Reuse means using things multiple times, buying gently used items, repairing rather than buying new, donating to charities and community groups, or re-selling items. These actions prev… Read more »

  14. Online Resources & Local Business Directory

    The following are online resources on the topics of Reduce/Reuse/Recycle, Sustainability, and Resource Management on an International, National and Local sectors. If there is an item that you would like to see added here, please feel free to email it t… Read more »

  15. Illegal Dumping

    If the illegal dump site is located along roadside call your local Highway Maintenance Crew at 961-8349. If you are a witness to the act of illegal dumping in your community or to report an illegal dumpsite located on private property, please call the… Read more »

  16. Website Accessibility Policy

    Website Accessibility Policy Thank you for visiting the County of Hawai‘i’s Department of Environmental Management’s web site. This web site is provided as a public service. In an effort to reach the broadest base of the public, the County of Hawai‘i w… Read more »

  17. Two-Bin Recycling (Cardboard and Non-HI-5 Glass)

    It’s simple, everyone can do it! The Cardboard & Brown Paper Bags bin is for corrugated cardboard and brown kraft paper bags. The Glass container is for small glass containers only.  No HI-5 containers. Details » When in doubt, leave it out.  Don’t… Read more »

  18. Regulations & Publications

    Solid Waste Plans, Operational Information & Forms Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Sort Stations Landfills Transfer Stations Waste Reduction Technology Recycling General HI 5 Program Recycling Points and Facilities Illegal Dumping Vehicle Di… Read more »

  19. Vehicle Disposal

    Derelict/Abandoned Vehicle Removal Procedures Vehicle Disposal Assistance Program Instructions and Application Vehicle Disposal Assistance Program-Private Property Instructions and Application

  20. Recycle

    “Ho‘opō‘aiapuni” Top 10 Reasons to Recycle Good For Our Economy American companies rely on recycling to provide the raw materials they need to make new products.  Recycling and buying recycled products encourages manufacturers to produce more recycled… Read more »

  21. HI-5 Beverage Container Redemption

    Nearest Certified Redemption Center The Hawai‘i Deposit Beverage Container Program (HI-5) is a State of Hawai‘i funded program that places a 5¢ redeemable deposit on each qualified beverage container. Why throw away your recyclables when the HI-5 progr… Read more »

  22. Greenwaste & Food Discards

    Important Announcement Regarding Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death Disease The State of Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture has finalized the permanent rule (HAR §4-72-13) prohibiting the interisland transport of ‘ōhi‘a plant material to prevent the spread of Rapid ‘Ōh… Read more »

  23. Media Library

    Video Recycle Used Tires on Hawai‘i Island Polystyrene Foam Food Container & Food Service Ware Reduction Ordinance – County of Hawai‘i It’s Important To Recycle Used Motor Oil On Hawai‘i Island Signs & Flyers Non-HI-5 Glass Recycle… Read more »

  24. Site Map

    Pages Home Reduce Polystyrene Foam Food Container & Food Service Ware Reduction Ordinance – County of Hawai‘i Reuse County of Hawai‘i Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance Search Recycle Computers, Electronics & Printer Cartridges Two-Bin Rec… Read more »

  25. Tips

    Are you Wish-Cycling? Wish-Cycling is putting non-recyclables into the recycling bin, hoping they will be recycled. As a result, Wish-Cycling costs more in labor and machinery to sort out the non-recyclables and dispose of them in the landfill.  It con… Read more »

  26. Legal and Disclaimers

    Terms of Use Website Accessibility Policy Website Privacy Policy

  27. Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is the County of Hawai‘i collecting fewer types of recyclables? Beginning in 2013 global markets for recycling became more restrictive and as a result the recyclables collected less valuable.  Currently there is a worldwide glut of unwanted recycla… Read more »

  28. Household Hazardous Waste

    There are products in our homes that are highly toxic and extremely hazardous to the environment. These items cannot be easily recycled or disposed of in the landfill due to the risk of contamination of our drinking water, soil and air. There are envir… Read more »

  29. County of Hawai‘i Solid Waste Facilities

    General Information, Maps & Directions to Solid Waste Division Facilities: County of Hawai‘i Solid Waste Division Public Facilities are comprised of one (1) Landfill, an East Hawai‘i Reload Facility and twenty-two (22) Recycling & Transfer Stat… Read more »

  30. Motor Oil

    Used motor oil contains toxic substances that can contaminate our land, ground water and ocean. The County of Hawai‘i operates a program for the do-it-yourself person who changes their own non-business vehicle’s motor oil. Please take it to one of the… Read more »

  31. Contact Us

    County of Hawai‘i Program Contact Info Solid Waste Administrative Services: (808) 961-8270 or Solid Waste Billing, Facility Disposal Permits: (808) 961-8353 or 961-8339 Recycling Coordinator: (808) 961-8942 or george.hayducsko@hawa… Read more »

  32. Zero Waste

    “Zero Waste” is a way of life that promotes the goal of reducing the amount of material we throw away.  One way to achieve that goal is to re-imagine resource management whereby instead of disposing of “waste” we reincorporate the by-products of one sy… Read more »

  33. Paint

    LATEX PAINT Latex or Acrylic (water-based) paint is not considered a hazardous material in the State of Hawai‘i.  Latex or Acrylic (water-based) paints can be reused if it is still good quality. There are various locations that accept donations and/or… Read more »

  34. Resources

  35. Scrap Metal

    Scrap metal is often the bulkiest and heaviest material collected at municipal transfer/recycling facilities. Recycling scrap metal will conserve limited landfill space. It also conserves natural resources by replacing the need for virgin raw materials… Read more »

  36. Press Releases

    2021 Pa‘auilo Transfer Station Temporary Closure Today, March 4, 2021 – Media Release (Release March 4, 2021) Upcoming March 2021 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events Media Release – Waimea & Pahoa (Release February 24, 2021) Solid Waste Div… Read more »

  37. Appliances or White Goods

    White goods are major household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, water heaters, stoves/ovens, refrigerators and freezers. Major home appliances are made up of approximately 75 percent steel. The remaining materials include other metals such… Read more »

  38. Business Resources

    The commercial sector is often regulated under different requirements than household/residential generators, depending on the industry within which the business operates. The following are some commodities that the average business generates that need… Read more »

  39. Automobiles

    Abandoned Vehicles Abandoned automobiles and tires not only take away from the natural beauty of Hawai‘i but also may contain toxic substances such as fuels, metals, oils, and coolants that can end up on the ground. When it rains, these substances are… Read more »

  40. Educational Resources

    Classroom Activities Local Art & Science of Recycling School Program – Recycled art for K-12 students. Contact Recycle Hawai‘i at for more information. Recycle Site Tours – For recycling site tours with your students, please… Read more »

  41. Event Planning Resources

    As part of the effort to increase recycling and reduce litter by the Department of Environmental Management, the County of Hawai‘i is offering the use of recycling containers for special events. The containers are designed with a steel frame that sets… Read more »

  42. Tires

    Tires   Recovered motor vehicle tires can be used to make new products or burned to create energy. Abandoned tires create problems: hold water and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can spread disease, may catch fire and create toxic… Read more »

  43. Earth Day

    Every Day Is Earth Day! History of Earth Day the 1969 National UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, social activist, John McConnell, proposed an Earth Day to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. This day was dedicated, from its birth, to celebrate Ea… Read more »

  44. Other Commodities

    There are many everyday household products that are also recyclable or have specific disposal procedures.  Below is a list of some household products that are currently recyclable, can be diverted from the landfill or have special disposal instructions… Read more »