"Why recover tires" spoken by cartoon tire character, next to pile of tires

Recovered motor vehicle tires can be used to make new products or burned to create energy.

Abandoned tires create problems:

  • they retain water and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can spread disease,
  • they may catch fire and create toxic fumes,
  • they spoil the natural beauty of Hawai‘i.

Tire Consumer’s Disposal Information

The price of tires sold in Hawai‘i includes a non-refundable fee that retailers use to recycle or dispose of your old tires in accordance with state law.  This allows you to leave your old tire with the retailer that sold you a tire; you already paid the fee.

Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §342I-22 prohibits the disposal of whole tires at any landfill and all island-wide transfer stations.  The County of Hawai‘i is NOT collecting any whole tires at any transfer station or landfill and is not accepting tires in the scrap metal bins at any transfer station.

If you need to dispose of old tires and you are not purchasing newer ones at the same time, the following companies will, for a fee, recycle or legally dispose of your tires.  Call first to verify how many tires they will accept and fees charged.

  • Arizumi Tire Disposal (Kea‘au), (808) 443-3469 (islandwide service)
  • Big Island Scrap Metal (Kea‘au & Kona), (808) 854-4530
  • Goodyear Auto Service Centers, Hilo (808) 935-9756
  • Leo’s Rubbish Service (Hilo), (808) 935-5850
  • R & G Tire Center, Inc. (Kona), (808) 331-8920

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Sales and Disposal (PDF)
Residents Urged To Dispose of Tires Properly – media release (PDF)
Tire Recovery Informational Flyer for Consumers (PDF)

Tire Retailer’s Information

State and County laws mandate proper recovery and management of old motor vehicle tires.

State of Hawai‘i applicable laws and publications:  (see links to complete laws below) 

  • Accept used tires from customers in a quantity at least equal to the number of new tires purchased at the point of sale (HRS §342I- Section 23),
  • Charge customers a final price for a new tire that includes disposal of their old tire (HRS §342I- Section 23), the disposal fee is not subject to reduction or refund, even if customer elects not to dispose of used tire at time of purchase.
  • Post written notice for customers as required by HRS Chapter §342I, Part II.
  • Deliver or send accumulated tires to a tire wholesaler, tire manufacturer or Department of Health authorized tire collection facility or authorized tire recycler (HRS §342I- Section 22),
  • Maintain records for a minimum of three years (link to sample forms below) (HRS §342I- Section 26),
  • Send an annual summary to the State Department of Health (HRS §342I- Section 26),
  • Importers also must pay a $1 surcharge per imported tire to the State Department of Health as often as quarterly, depending on quantity imported (HRS §342I- Section 28),

Hawai‘i Revised Statutes Chapter 342I Part 2 is the State of Hawai‘i law on tire disposal and recycling.  There are 15 sections to this statute.  Click the link to view all sections (current to 2017-03-08) in a single PDF document.

Letter to Tire Retailers Clarifying Retailer Responsibilities & Definition of ‘New’ Tire – State of Hawai‘i Department of Health 2014-06-08

The Index to Hawai‘i Revised Statutes Chapter §342I is the State of Hawai‘i’s website where you can view the most current version of each section of the applicable law.

To view and download sample documentation forms, required reporting forms and the mandatory consumer notification sign go to the Hawai‘i State Department of Health Solid & Hazardous Waste Branch webpage.  You’ll find the following relevant publications:

  • “How to Manage Your Scrap Tires” Fact Sheet
  • “Sample Tire Acceptance/Removal Documentation Form” for retailers/wholesalers.
  • “Motor Vehicle Tire Recovery Summary” form for retailers/wholesalers.
  • Notification sign of consumer information, mandatory to post at point of sale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Sales and Disposal (PDF)

For more information contact:
State of Hawai‘i Department of Health
Solid & Hazardous Waste Branch
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96801
Phone: (808) 586-4226