Changes to the County of Hawai‘i Two-Bin Recycling Program Starting 2019-10-16

Date: October 16, 2019 November 15, 2019
Time: All Day

Due to significant decreases in the global market for recyclables the County of Hawai‘i will no longer accept some of the types of materials collected in the Two-Bin Recycling Program at the Recycling & Transfer Stations.  However, the County will continue its ongoing efforts to evaluate potential alternatives to remain environmentally and economically responsible.

Starting October 16, 2019 the Two-Bin Recycling Program will be downsized to collect only:

  • Corrugated cardboard.  Clean with no food or other contamination (e.g. pizza boxes)
  • Brown kraft paper bags (e.g. paper shopping bags)
  • Glass bottles and jars will continue to be collected in a separate glass bin (clean non-HI-5 containers such as wine bottles, pickle jars, cosmetic jars). No caps, covers or lids.

Small clean metal cans (e.g. soup, canned meat & vegetables, pet food) will no longer be allowed in the Two-Bin Recycling Program; they may be recycled in the scrap metal bins at select Recycling & Transfer Stations.

These changes do not affect the State of Hawai‘i's HI-5 Redemption Program.

Changes to 2-Bin Recycling Program Starting October 16, 2019 -- reissued press release

Hawai‘i County Gets Picky About Recyclables It Accepts, Citing Global Market Forces (Hawai‘i Public Radio article)