The County of Hawai‘i is subject to a wide variety of natural disasters including hurricanes, flash flooding, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, wildfires and etc.  Due to approaching or immediate natural disasters or other emergencies some or all County of Hawai‘i Solid Waste Division Facilities may be closed or services may be interrupted or severely limited.  Prior to, during and immediately after natural disasters or emergencies the Solid Waste Division may be conducting preparations to secure facilities and this may require closure of our facilities to maintain public safety, protect public health and coordinate with the County of Hawai‘i Civil Defense Agency.

During these emergencies please keep safe, stay home if possible or evacuate if necessary, and limit all non-essential travel so that emergency responders have clear road access.  If you need to access an emergency shelter go to the Civil Defense Agency website for a listing of the nearest shelter.

For the safety of your fellow residents and County employees, please hold on to your rubbish until the Transfer Stations and Landfills have been deemed safe and reopen.  We ask for your kōkua in not depositing your trash in front of the Transfer Station gates, as that will only impede reopening the sites.

Please check the announcements on the home page for any closure or service interruption notices.  We hope that these service interruptions are only temporary and appreciate the public’s kōkua in these extraordinary periods.

County of hawai‘i civil defense Agency information

For the latest information on upcoming or current natural disasters or emergencies please go to the County of Hawai‘i Civil Defense Agency’s Civil Defense Message & Alerts webpage.  There you can also subscribe to the Emergency Mass Notification System to receive email, text or voice alerts from Civil Defense.

Also visit the County of Hawai‘i Civil Defense Agency’s homepage to learn more about emergency preparedness techniques that you can use at home or workplace to better prepare you and your family for natural disasters and other emergencies.

For more comprehensive information on the 2018 Kīlauea and Lower East Rift Zone Eruption please visit the County of Hawai‘i Civil Defense Eruption/Lava Flow Information page.

Weather, geologic Or Public Emergency Resources

Hawai‘i State Emergency Management Agency (includes Tsunami Evacuation Zone Mapping Tool, recommendation for disaster preparedness kit)

National Weather Service – Hawai‘i Forecast (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration – NOAA)

Central Pacific Hurricane Center (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration – NOAA)

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (NOAA)

US Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory – Recent Hawai‘i Earthquakes (USGS)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

US Department of Homeland Security – Disasters (US DHS)